Our best wishes in this moment of disgrace for our fellow panographers in Japan

Publicado el 12/03/11

Por Henry Alvarez

I'm sure the whole community of panographers is overwhelmed by the moment of disgrace Japan is living now. I'd like to send our best wishes to Junichi Ogino, Kouji, Bokutouzawa, and all the rest of great photographers in viewat, hoping they and their beloved ones are doing ok at this moment.....once again the people in Japan are showing to the world their strength to endure such difficult circunstances. Our love and admiration to them all.

Comentarios sobre esta noticia:

Enrique, You said exactly what we feel now. Thank You.
Por Andrew | 13/03/11 - 08:57:01 GMT +0100
Enrique, You found the right words when the catastrophy made us speechless. Let's hope the best for our friends in Japan.
Por Heiner Straesser | 14/03/11 - 06:50:56 GMT +0100
Totally right Enrique :) By the way if you want to collaborate and donate something here it´s a direct link to a several other links.

Por Bernard Custard | 17/03/11 - 08:34:32 GMT +0100

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