Making Sharp Images by Lloyd Chambers

Publicado el 11/09/10

Por Bernard Custard

For those you are always asking, why my pictures arent consistently sharp? I drop you a great direction for improving them. I´ve been a suscriber of LLoyd for 7 month,and it worth every penny. I seriously recommend to go in and digg on his tutoriales because it´s great for improve our technique, doesn´t matter if you are a pro, amateur or beginner. Below you will read a little prologue and you can go to his website and check it out.

Making Sharp Images by LLoyd Chambers

Why aren’t my pictures consistently sharp? Here’s the real “missing manual” for your camera that shows you what’s possible and how to get it. Making Sharp Images is chock full of practical how-tos and tips suitable for both beginners and experienced photographers, and will cut years of learning down to weeks. Best of all, this guide will enable you to spend more time taking good pictures and less time sitting in front of your computer trying to fix flawed ones.



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