Issue 30 VrMag

Publié chez 08/05/2008

Par Bernard Custard

Another issue of VRMAG this one it´s amazing and it exciting news, interviews and products so if you want to know more about this issue definently you have to visit it and digg on every article. Guys like always, excellent job !!

Issue 29 VrMag

Publié chez 02/04/2008

Par Bernard Custard

For those who love panoramic photography, you will remember that last December, 2007, we had just received a present of a new issue of VRMAG 28. Now we´ve got number 29, we have plenty of news and photos. We have just seen that a few members have been recruited for an article or to publish their work.

For us it is an honour to see that a few of these photographers are members or collaborators of Congratulations again from all the people who are working at the Team and for those who have been recruited to publish their photos and once again thanks VRMAG for doing such a good job.

Hope to see more news and good panoramas in the next edition.

All the best, Team.

Vrmag Blog

Publié chez 30/01/2008

Par Bernard Custard

 In case it has slipped your mind, we would like to remind you that in the latest edition, number 28 of VRMAG we have, as part of an ongoing precess, updated the blog. For those of us we love photography, especially panoramic photography, this is good news.

We hope that you like it and for our part we can but congratulate VRMAG for their excellent work. Also, you can view News Year´s website.

Para todos aquellos despistados, tenemos que recordar que con la salida del nuevo número 28 de VRMAG, también se ha actualizado su blog el cual es actualizado muy constantemente. Para todos aquellos que nos encanta la fotografía en especial la panorámica, es un buena noticia.

Esperamos que sea de vuestro agrado y por nuestra parte no cabe más que felicitar a VRMAG por el buen trabajo realizado, también podréis ver las panorámicas de año nuevo en la web de


28Th edition of VRMAG

Publié chez 18/12/2007

Par Team

For us avid followers of the best digital magazine about the world of panoramic photography, VRWAY, the long-awaited 28th edition of VRMAG has just been published. has been recommended by VRMAG as a community project alongside the best reference in the world of panoramas, World Wide Panorama.

In this edition, the anthology of articles is excellent. Also, some changes have been introduced such as the option of viewing the pages by means of the page turn over option, which is becoming more and more popular in digital productions but used here with sublime elegance.

Tras una espera que se ha hecho muy larga para todos aquellos que seguimos la mejor revista digital sobre el mundo de la fotografía panorámica, VRWAY acaba de publicar el número 28 de VRMAG. ha sido recomendada por VRMAG como proyecto comunitario junto al mejor referente en el mundo de las panorámicas World Wide Panorama.

En este número la recopilación de artículos es fantástica. Además se han añadido algunos cambios como la opción de ver la revista con la opción del pasa-páginas que se está haciendo tan popular en muchas publicaciones digitales, pero que en esta ocasión se ha utilizado con gran elegancia.

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