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Opublikowane w dniu 26.07.2011

Podpisany Manuel Vega Velazquez

Field Of View and Panorama Production Calculator

This calculator can be used to calculate the Field Of View of both fisheye and normal lenses and the number of images needed for a panorama using a given overlap. This number is not returned as an integer. This enables you to see if the desired field of view can be reached with less images and a smaller but acceptable overlap.

1 Enter Data: Enter the data of your lens and the size of the image used. This can be film or a CCD. You can use the popup window to enter the values of the most commonly used films, SLR digital cameras and lenses.

2 Calculate Field of View (FOV): Push the first button 'calculate now!' The FOV for both the fisheye and normal lens is calculated.

3 Calculate Panorama: Choose a desired overlap and panorama angle and calculate the number of images needed using the second button.

4 Calculate Overlap: Enter a number of images close to the calculated number and decide if this number will result in an acceptable overlap by pushing the third button.

The calculation for fisheye lenses is theoretical. If the image is larger than the image circle of the lens (i.e. circular fisheye) the calculator will not warn you for the fact that the image area will not be covered by the image circle of the lens.

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