Inside the tree in Jardin des Plantes, Paris

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Visitors of the Botanical garden can admire some very old tree species: the Robinia false acacia, planted in 1636; the Ginkgo Biloba, about 150 years old, (this tree already existed in its present form over 125 million years ago at the time of the dinosaurs) and the Sophora du Japon sent as a seed to Bernard de Jussieu and labeled as an "unknown Chinese tree" by a Jesuit naturalist living in China. It was planted in 1747 and flowered for the first time thirty years later.

Autumn brings magic colours to the garden, such as this burning red and orange of the Japanese Cherry (also known as Oriental or East Asian), which is native to Japan, Korea and China.
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Latitud: 48° 50' 38" N, Longitud: 2° 21' 39" E veure »

Lloc: Paris, France

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