San George Church interior, Lalibela, Ethiopia.

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Latitud: 12° 2' 22" N, Longitud: 39° 2' 47" E

Lloc: Lalibela, Ethiopia

Lalibela churches & surrondings
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Asheton Maryam Monastery, Lalibela, Ethiopia.

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Asheton Maryam which lies at an altitude of almost 4000 on Abuna Yoseph, the high mountain overlloking Lalibela. This monastery is also associated...

Bet Gabriel Rufa´el, Lalibela, Ethiopia.

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Bet Gabriel-Rufa’el (The House Of Gabriel And Raphael Or The House Of The Archangels). This church is more difficult to describe in character and...

Church of St.George, Lalibela, Ethiopia.

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The Church of St. George (Amharic: Bete Giyorgis?) is a monolithic church in Lalibela, Amhara Region, Ethiopia. It is the most well known and last...

Inside Bet Golgotha church, Lalibela, Ethiopia.

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Bet Golgotha it´s located at the northwest cluster churches. It´s remarkable as in that it has seven life-size reliefs of saints carved around it´s...

Inside Yemrehana Krestos Church, Lalibela, Ethiopia.

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Incredible place as the other one of Krestos, just amazing place and they say it was the first one build around the area. Un sitio increíble sin...

Interior of Bet Medhane Alem Church, Lalibela, Ethiopia.

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Approaching the most eastern church of this group, Bet Medhane Alem (House of the Redeemer of the World) , you first catch a glimpse of the roof,...

Yemrehana Krestos, Lalibela, Ethiopia.

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Yemrehana Krestos is credited with the construction of a stone church built in the Aksumite style, which bears his name. Located 12 miles northeast...


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