VISA OFF: Restaurant L'Amphitryon (Perpignan, France)

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Presa el 13/09/08
Exposition de photographies de Philippe Marques (Eaux si belles) dans le restaurant L'Amphitryon lors du Festival de Photoreportage VISA OFF 2008.
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Maël Bathfield
Membre Argent

Latitud: 42° 41' 51" N, Longitud: 2° 53' 40" E veure »

Lloc: Perpignan, France

Comentaris sobre aquesta panoràmica:

It looks a fine place to have a meal? Is it good restaurant?. In other hand which iso did you used for take that pano? Because I see a little bit of noise and a few artifacts. Did you used any noise reduction?
Per Bernard | 26/09/08 - 19:22:59 GMT +0200
Actually, I have no idea if it's a good restaurant or not ! I just liked the place (and the exposed pictures), so I shooted it :)
I used ISO 800 with exposure time of 1/8, 1/4, 1/2s. Effectively the noise is visible at this ISO with my camera, but shooting here with a monopod I could not reduce the ISO :(
You're right, I would perhaps use a noise reduction software in this case...
Per Maël Bathfield | 26/09/08 - 19:42:49 GMT +0200

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