Staircase in the House of Artists (3rd floor)

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The stair landing is overcrowded by works of Andrei Gennadiev from the next workshop.
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Andrew Varlamov
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Latitud: 59° 58' 23" N, Longitud: 30° 17' 36" E veure »

Lloc: ????? ?????-?????????, Russian Federation

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The Raphael Loggias (late 1780s)

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Commissioned by Empress Catherine II in the late 1780s, the Raphael Loggias are the exact copy of the Gallery in the Papal Palace in Vatican City....

Sphinxes in front of the frozen river

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Originally sculptures of sphinxes were intended for the Egyptian Bridge (1825).

Transition between metro stations ”Spasskaya” and ”Sadovaya”


Metro station "Spasskaya" was opened on March 7, 2009. Till November 7, 2013 didn't have a ground-level vestibule. Mosaics performed according to...

The early evening of late Autumn

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From the left bank of the Malaya Nevka river two bridges are visible : Lazarevsky Bridge and Big Krestovsky Bridge.

Metro station ”Mezhdunarodnaya” (2012)

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Author of mosaics is Alexander Bystrov ( ).

”Greenhouses” of Zagorodny Avenue


Large suburban road appeared here in the early 1730s on the place of an old footpath leading to Ekateringof. The road was called Zagorodny (country...

Candle Lane

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Vyborg Castle

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Achievements of GraFFFest 2013

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The 75-meter high chimney of The Red Banner Textile Factory ( ) was painted in July 2013  by...

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