Photo vernissage in former Dutch Church

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Presa el 05/06/09
Dutch Reformed Church, located at 20 Nevsky Prospeсt. A monument of classicist architecture. It was erected in 1831-34 (architect P.P. Jacot). The facade of the church is decorated with a Corinthian portico containing a high relief in the tympanum and a Latin inscription on the pediment, which has not survived to this day. The church hall is located on the second floor, possessing a circular plan and capable of seating 400. It is decorated with twin Corinthian columns. The modelling was done by I. Balin, and the vault painting was made by Vasilyev. Previously the building had two wings containing shops and lodgings.

In 1839, the editorial office of Otechestvennye zapiski was quartered here. In 1917, the parish of the church numbered nearly 300 persons, the majority of whom were German. In 1927, the Dutch Reformed Сhurch was closed down, the building was turned into a puppet theatre with its interiors considerably altered.

Since 1936, the central part of the building houses the Alexander Blok Library.
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Andrew Varlamov
Membre Argent

Latitud: 59° 56' 10" N, Longitud: 30° 19' 15" E veure »

Lloc: St Petersburg, Russian Federation

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Surprising good with all that people around!
Per Peter Roesch | 27/11/09 - 09:47:31 GMT +0100
It is 50th (Jubilee) exhibition of St-Petersburg Faculty of photojournalism.
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Thank You for attention !
Per Andrew | 27/11/09 - 13:42:04 GMT +0100

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