Anna Ruby Falls (Father's Day, 2009), Helen, Georgia, United States Of America

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Presa el 21/06/09
Anna Ruby Falls lies in the heart of the Chattahoochee National Forest. The quiet coolness of the area is broken only by the thundering rush of water flowing over the rugged cliff face. The falls marks the junction of Curtis and York Creeks. Both creeks begin on Tray Mountain and are fed by
underground springs, rain, and snow. Curtis Creek drops 153 feet and York Creek 50 feet to form the twin waterfalls known as Anna Ruby Falls.

Natural History

Anna Ruby Falls Scenic area hosts a variety of plant and animal species common to the appalachian Mountains. Colorful flowers and shrubs, like rhododendron, are abundant. Poplar and majestic white pine are also common. You will find oak on all the slopes, and the drooping branches of hemlocks shade the cool water of the mountain streams. The clean, clear water found in the streams supports several species of fish, including the brook trout. Unlike the rainbow and brown, the brook trout is Georgia's only native trout. Wildflowers bloom primarily in the early Spring and include the birds foot violet, nodding and sessile trilliums, and foam flowers. Ferns and mosses are abundant. Bear, deer, squirrel, and turkey also make their home here.
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Latitud: 34° 45' 48" N, Longitud: 83° 42' 45" W veure »

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