The Royal Tower, Atlantis Resort, Paradise Ilsand Bahamas

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Presa el 01/08/11
This amazing building is the Royal Tower, a Hotel that is part of the Atlantis  in Paradise Island. It has been designed  in 2 wings, linked by a kind of bridge at the 23th floor which is in fact THE penthouse of the Hotel,   in fact,  the Presidential Suite, rather named "the Bridge suite".  From the gardens around, it has some similarities with the "Pont des Soupirs" in Venezia  (the Bridge of sights) !!!
Some guides say that this penthouse can be rented for the modic price of 100 grants a night but the reality is a lot .... how can I say....cheaper ,  the fare is only 25.000 dollars a  night!!! (it's one of the most expensive hotels rooms in the American Continent!!!) The Suite  has 10 rooms including a 1250 SQ Ft living room
For the price, one can enjoy a 800 square ft balcony, and precious guests  will en joy  the undivided attention of a staff of seven!! For musicians, a grand piano has been set in the living room  and  along with the 22 carat  gold  chandelier  hanging  in the dining room, those embellishments  make this suite  the ultimate in Bahamian Extravagance!!
Guests have included Oprah, Mickael Jackson, Celine DIon  and Bill Gates, but if it's a lucky day for you and if you spend enough at the casino right  under, the Direction might just be able to accompodate you in for a night!!!
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Latitud: 25° 5' 2" N, Longitud: 77° 19' 25" W veure »

Lloc: Bahamas

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