MEAM (Musée Européen d'Art Moderne)  Barcelone

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A really astonishing and awesome Museum, and exquisite collections of  contemporary Art, Both Sculptrues and Paintings, most of them in  photorealistic style.
The place is right in the center of "el born"district of the City,  5 minutes walk from the Picasos Museum.
BUt is you go to Barcelona, visit the MEAM first, otherwise, you'll feel too exhausted to get back to the MEAM after the huge Picasso Museum ( another marvel !!)

Befor beeing transformed into a Museum ( almost 1 year) the place used to be a Palace, that belonged to a Rich Spanich Family.
The attendant  at the entrance said it used to be a whore house  in its latter days.....
The restauration has been  really respectfull regarding the woodworks,  original wall paintings and motives.

The exhibits are quite  astonishng too.
We have been abashed by the quality and  the sharpness of the collections.
A MUST SEE in Barcelona.
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Latitud: 41° 23' 4" N, Longitud: 2° 10' 49" E veure »

Lloc: Barcelone, Spain

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