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Stella Beach Church 2.0, Picardy

13 vots

Nouvel essai un peu plus convainquant avec Stitcher unlimited (moins de bugs apparemment)

Mariscada, Pool House, PLaya del Carmen, MExico

4 vots

This is a real  strange building, which reminds me of the  organic buildings imagined and built stone by stone by french "Facteur Cheval". ( a...

Koba, Yucatan, Mexico

1 vots

A fabulous archaeological site, lost in the forrests of Yucatan, Mexico. I was the 1st visitor,  just right after dawn. The temperature was...

Tombstone ”revisited”, Picardy

16 vots

It was so dull last week end in Picardy, so I decided to  "swap"latitudes...

Tombstone Picardy!!

4 vots

A little village  facing the North Sea, in the middle of winter. No one outside! all shutters closed. I felt like it was "the Day After"!!!!

”Tombstone”,  Picardy, France

10 vots

A really dull week end in Picardy. No one in the streets,  just like "the day after"!!! all  doors closed, no movment at all , except seegulls...

Stairs, Trocadero PARIS

11 vots
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