Aircraft hangar. Moscow, Russia.

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Andrey Ilyin

Latitud: 55° 25' 12" N, Longitud: 37° 53' 27" E veure »

Lloc: Russian Federation

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Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Alexandria, Egypt

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Bibliotheca Alexandrina - one of the major libraries in Egypt, the center of it's cultural life. Located on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea in...

Asuan water reserve, Asuan, Egypt

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Asuan water reserve can be called a treasure of Egypt - it's huge dam produces a major amount of electricity consumed in this 140+ million country...

In the operation room of an eye clinic

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This panorama is one of a series shot for  virtual tour for the web site of ophthalmology clinic. I was enjoying while doing this work,  it...

Night life in Asuan, Egypt

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After sunset the life on the streets of Asuan is getting busy. People are sitting at the small tables drinking sweet tea, smoking shisha or playing...

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