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The Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts. Moscow, Russia

11 vots

This pano is shot handlend, don't blame me for lower than ususal quality.

Russian State Duma. Moscow, Russia.

11 vots

The courtroom of the Duma, as it is seen from the position of it's Chairman. Don't miss this unique view! :)

Autumn in Moscow, Russia

12 vots

Restoration area near Filae Temple, Asuan, Egypt

11 vots

For a few pounds keeper can permit you even in the "No entry" area. I kindly declined this offer because this 'special' area looked exactly as the...

Philae Temple, Asuan, Egypt

21 vots

This temple was moved from the it's original place, which was covered by after the Big Asuan Dam was built.

The Crocodiel (sic!) Island, Asuan, Egypt

13 vots

I didn't want to leave from here - clean desert air, bright (but not burning) Februalry sun and fresh water gives to this place some strange...

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