The Cafe ”La Clemence”

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This is the central spot of Geneva's old town ! The cafe "La Clemence" (from the name of the biggest bell of Geneva St- Peter cathedral) is "the" place to go all year round ! There are very few seats INSIDE, but the "terrasse" is HUGE !
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Latitud: 46° 12' 0" N, Longitud: 6° 8' 56" E veure »

Lloc: Geneva, Switzerland

Panoràmiques de Jean-Pierre Scherrer

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The ”Bains des Pâquis” !


The "Bains des Pâquis" at dusk, on the north bank of Lake Geneva ! On the other side of the lake, one can see the 460 feet high "Water Jet", which...

Chappel of the Machabees in Saint Peter's cathedral


This chappel, on one aisle of the Geneva's cathedral, has been added in 1400-1405 !

Jean Calvin (1509-1564) pulpit in Saint Peter's cathedal in Geneva


This is the pulpit which Jean Calvin ( used when he was preaching the Protestant (Reformed) religion !

From the top of Geneva's Saint-Pierre cathedral

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I climbed at the top of the North tower of Saint-Pierre cathedral (157 veeery steep steps), but the panorama is well worth the effort !

Sunbathing on the Rhone riverside


This is a nice place called "La Jonction" in Geneva, Switzerland ! It's at the confluent of the Rhone and Arve rivers, and a lot of people go spend...

Sunset over the river !

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This panorama has been shot at Jacare Beach, on the Paraiba River, in the state of Paraiba (Parayba?), Nordeste of Brazil.

Barra de Gramame, Paraïba, Brazil

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This is a very nice beach, with a sand barrier that protects a part of the beach from the waves and the winds ! Hence the water can bet quite warm,...

Swimming-pool at Pipa


This is a view of the swimming-pool of the "pousada" were we spent a few days, in Pipa, a touristic resort South of Natal, Rio Grande do Norte,...

”Kind of” ferry-boat !

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This is the way to go accross a little river, at Barra de Cunhau, in the State of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil !

Golden Chapel in Sao Francisco church


This is the"Golden Chapel" in Sao Francisco Church, in Joao Pessoa. The church has been built during the XVII century, which makes it one of the...

The nave of Sao Francisco Church


This is the nave of Sao Francisco Church, in Joao Pessoa. The church has been built during the XVII century, which makes it one of the oldest in...

Parvis of Sao Francisco Church #2


This is the forecourt of Sao Francisco Church, in the historical center of Joao Pessoa. The exterior is in a rather bad state now, due to the...

From -almost- underneath the Geneva Fountain !

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I tried to go as near as possible to the Geneva Fountain, where a lot of people were standing, while the wind was blowing in the "right" direction !

Skateboard Museum in Geneva, Switzerland #1 !


I just discovered today this very original "Skateboard Museum" in Geneva... The guy who runs it is a real passionate and has got a huge collection...

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