Pearl of Art Nouveau architecture at Alberta street, Riga, Latvia

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Presa el 09/10/11
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Latitud: 56° 57' 33" N, Longitud: 24° 6' 29" E veure »

Lloc: Latvia

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Impressive !!
But ... Wouldn't better viewed from the other side of the street? Isn't too close to the facade?
Per Francesc i Carme | 19/10/11 - 06:37:20 GMT +0200
From the other side of the street the facade would loose its importance in the image. Also the angle of the view becomes much more frontal. The result is, you see less from the sides of the decoration, which are important for the depth of the image.
Per Heiner Straesser | 19/10/11 - 11:50:05 GMT +0200
You are absolutely right Heiner - exactly my thoughts! :)
But I'll show soon one more Art Nouveau house from other side of the street... for example :)
Per Vil Muhametshin | 22/10/11 - 03:22:57 GMT +0200

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