The convention house of navy officers, Liepaja

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Officer’s palace was built in 1907 for entertainment of the fleet elite – nobility and royal aristocracy. During Latvia independence between the World Wars the building hosted Red Cross bone tuberculosis sanatorium, then it was serving as a military hospital during the soviet epoch.

The building is a great example of Russian Art Nouveau, built by famous architects and artists from St. Petersburg. A horse hue shape of the building was made after the pattern of suburban palaces of the Russian capital. Its main façade overlooks the sea in the north, with a large terrace and a balcony on the southern side. Documentaries witness that Nikolai II, the czar of Russian Empire, has honoured with his presence the opening ceremony.

Once a chic palace that amazed visitors with its refined style and elegant and lavish interiors, it is now in a sadly dilapidated condition and is waiting for a well-off investor to decide its future.

These days it is managed by the army and access to the House is restricted, so you have to pre-arrange a visit to get here. In return you will get a glimpse of everyday routine of the establishment, like watch groups of young soldiers marching to baths with towels hanging over their shoulders or officers walking around in a dignified way. As you enter the territory you will be attached to a soldier guide, who will not let you step in any direction without his attendance, will tell scary army stories in a hard voice, but will be exceedingly modest when it comes to being photographed...:)
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Fontaine Palace rock club in Liepaja, Latvia

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Wishing you a happy and colourful 2012, friends! :)

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