Ubud Palace :: Bali :: Indonesia

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Presa el 22/07/08
This is not the main palace building in Ubud, this building used to be the kings private residence

Sam Rohn :: Panoramic Photography :: http://www.samrohn.com :: Location Scout :: http://www.nylocations.com :: New York City
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Latitud: 8° 30' 27" S, Longitud: 115° 15' 51" E veure »

Lloc: Ubud, Indonesia

Comentaris sobre aquesta panoràmica:

Hey much better now Sam, it was too dark and a little bit strange but now it´s great :). Was the other one LDR?.
Per Bernard | 16/09/08 - 13:38:22 GMT +0200
heh, thanks :) - i switched this about 10 min after uploading, didnt think anyone would catch it -

both are the same image, 9 exposures x 9 images, first one i did on my macbook pro, batch the stills in enfuse, then autodesk sticher,  then lightroom - just did a restitch w/ enfused stills in ptgui pro, the built in color correction made me very happy, no lightroom this time...

but i do like the darker one too, also made a cool sepia version - http://www.nylocations.com/360-panorama/ubud-palace/

also i missed a few overhead wires.....
Per Sam Rohn :: nylocations.com | 16/09/08 - 14:16:19 GMT +0200
Good idea to do new things :). The new effect in your website with the panos it is cool.

So you don´t use ptgui pro and then make all the panos inside it and then export them as separate files and use a program for treat the images?. Are you always do it like that or only this time? Sorry if i bother you, I only want to know other ways of doing it. Because if good to know other workflows.
Per Bernard | 16/09/08 - 16:24:22 GMT +0200
thanks bernard - viewat.org is of course a big inspiration to me as to how well panos can be presented...

i'm still figuring out the workflow for this kind of pano, as i'm still pretty new to ptgui pro, only been using it about 3 days !

so this is all new workflow the last 2 days :)

but this seems most efficient, batch enfuse, then stitch (optimize colors in ptgui), then batch render, the results have been great, requireing minimal if any post processing - no further corrections were done on the ubud palace pano on this page, just nadir & wire fix -

also, this lets the computer do as much of the job as possible without my intervention

previously, i'd stitch in realviz/autodesk stitcher, render them out 1 at a time (batching never worked right), then usually just levels, maybe some white balance correction in photoshop if needed, this was workable with no bracketing, 3 or 4 panos a day, but things have changed...

i'm actually discussing all this here as well - http://www.panoguide.com/forums/qna/5310/

maybe we should have forums here ? yes !
Per Sam Rohn :: nylocations.com | 16/09/08 - 16:51:10 GMT +0200

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