El Cid :: New York City

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Presa el 29/11/08
for my friends in spain :)

El Cid @ Audubon Terrace, New York City
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Latitud: 40° 50' 0" N, Longitud: 73° 56' 47" W veure »

Lloc: United States

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Actually it is very spanish panorama :). Here in Valencia we´ve got an statue quite similar ;).
Per Bernard Custard Gascó | 30/11/08 - 18:31:10 GMT +0100
gracias, i was thinking of viewat when i shot this :)

you guys have all that calatrava stuff too though, of which i as a new yorker am extremely jealous. they are now talking about not being able to afford the 2 proposed projects in NYC he has designed :(
Per Sam Rohn :: nylocations.com | 30/11/08 - 18:36:07 GMT +0100
I´m not surprise with that new, because knowing him the budget it will be incredible so inside of a BIG CRISIS who want´s to spend such quantity of money. And watching the news and reading the newspaper and feeling peoples voice it´s time to save a little bit of money rather than spend it ;).

What about the d700 , did you bought it at the end?
Per Bernard Custard Gascó | 02/12/08 - 11:13:11 GMT +0100
yah, but they have been building so much junk in nyc lately, something beautiful would be nice -

no D700 yet, haven't even gotten around to borrowing my friends body yet, he's already wanting the D3x.....

Per Sam Rohn :: nylocations.com | 02/12/08 - 20:01:21 GMT +0100
jajajajja, of course. Here they are building aswell plenty of junk so don´t worry for that. About the d700 i have to meet with Jordi to test D700 and do some pictures but we never find the right time. :)
Per Bernard Custard Gascó dD-Multimedia.com | 02/12/08 - 20:06:47 GMT +0100

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