Besiktas, Istanbul

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Presa el 08/08/09
One of many small harbours for the ferries of the public transport. For little money you can go along the Bosporus, from harbour to harbour which is a great thing.
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Latitud: 41° 2' 27" N, Longitud: 29° 0' 29" E veure »

Lloc: Turkey

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Great one Heiner!!!. Many memories from Istanbul !!! :). Thanks very much for your advices !!.
Per Bernard Custard | 03/10/11 - 23:43:07 GMT +0200
Thank you for your comment. Hope you had a nice trip and seen many exciting places. Where did you go?
Meanwhile I'm back too, for nearly 4 weeks now, and soon I'll have some new panos.
Per Heiner Straesser | 04/10/11 - 11:18:34 GMT +0200
Yeppp, My route was busy, i did 3000km by car from  Istanbul, Saframbulu, Amasya, Diyarbakir, Sanliurfa and many other places, so it was perfect.

At the end i did an interview to local artisans that i´m still processing the photos, video, audio and all the material but it was an amazing experience. What about you? How long finally did you stay in Capadoccia?.

Ahhh, the woman in Safranbolu tell us to give you her regards.
Per Bernard Custard | 04/10/11 - 11:26:20 GMT +0200
That's nice to read. And thank you for the greetings from Safranbolu. I hope you liked the place.

I've been twice in Cappadocia, all together two weeks. But still there is so much to discover. My friend Faruk in Uchisar recently discovered a flying carpet. I was the first one to see him flying... ;-)

Apart from that I've been to some unknown places. I don't know yet when to process all the images.

Anyway, holidays were to short!!!
Best wishes from Munich
Per Heiner Straesser | 04/10/11 - 11:50:09 GMT +0200

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