Inside the Mavrucan Hac Cave Church 2, Cappadocia, Turkey

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Presa el 31/08/11
Inside a small cave church with wallpaintings in the local Cappadocian style, about 11th century. Without protection it is only a matter of time until the 1000 years old frescoes will be completely destroyed.
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Latitud: 38° 23' 14" N, Longitud: 34° 57' 47" E veure »

Lloc: Turkey

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It's sad to hear that. Are there any organizations or people who work on it?
Per Vil Muhametshin | 15/02/13 - 01:51:48 GMT +0100
Hi Vil, all I know are small private initiatives. From time to time there are students who work about a church or a certain subject, but afterwards generally nothing else follows. For the actual Ministry of Culture art, history, archaeology etc. have to serve and support the politics. They have no value by themselves. That means there is no education about the value of these things, no encouragement to protect historical places. By chance it was today that I discovered a book just about this church and now I learnt its not nameless.
Per Heiner Straesser | 15/02/13 - 13:35:25 GMT +0100

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