Exterior: Donner Summit Tunnel Graffiti - Truckee, CA

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During the winter, snow levels at Donner Summit can reach up to 70 feet.  In January 1870, nine months after the First Transcontinental Railroad was completed, an avalanche tore away hundreds of feet of track.  Workers shoveled to remove the snow but even buckers (engines with plows) could not make headway. The shovelers toiled for six days and still there were seven miles of snow covered track to go.  Stranded passengers bound for California complained  to the railroads and were shown the snowblocked tracks. They were told to walk if the wanted to reach their destination, which they did. Without proper clothing they made their way through the snow and tunnels all the way to Emigrant Gap. The following spring, the Central Pacific set out to build and maintain 62 miles of wooden snow sheds to protect their tracks. 65 million board feet of lumber and 900 tons of bolts and spikes were used.  By the 1980's, the few remaining wooden sheds were replaced with concrete only to be abandoned in the 1990's.
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Latitud: 39° 18' 56" N, Longitud: 120° 19' 14" W veure »

Lloc: United States

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