Singapore Airlines Airbus A340-500 Seat 17A

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Presa el 19/07/09
Singapore Airlines Airbus A340-500 Seat 17A - photo taken during lift off.  This was a direct flight of 19 hours from Singapore to Newark, NJ.
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Latitud: 1° 19' 50" N, Longitud: 104° 1' 41" E veure »

Lloc: Singapore

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WOW !!
what a nice sit you had !!!

I've never seen an airplane like this, seems to be very comfortable...

Also nice pano !! Only in 3 shots with some kind of monopod...

nice one
Per Jordi | 21/07/09 - 11:43:54 GMT +0200
Thanks for your comments; the entire plane only had these types of seats and is very comfortable for a long trip of 19 hours of flight time and it also folds flat into a bed.

The photo was taken using a monopod with a Metz Flash adapter modified to fit onto the monopod to get the correct nodal points.  The lens used was an 8mm Sigma lens on a Canon 5D body.  My camera rig is exactly like the first photo of this tutorial link except that I use a monopod.  Also the photo was taken during take off and before the flight attendants got up from their seats to avoid raising suspiscion as to what I was doing putting together all of these equipment in the plane.  It was also a little difficult because the plane was in its upward tilt position so I had to fix some of the parallax in Photoshop.

p.s. you can purchase the Metz Flash adapter for a very low price on eBay.
Per Chris Bui | 21/07/09 - 12:09:36 GMT +0200
Hey sexy.....I feel like i am kneeling down in from of you with that take charge look and looking to see if anyone is watching us....
Awesome seats......
Per Tammy | 22/07/09 - 05:51:04 GMT +0200
That sounds really kinky, I hope your husband is not reading this post.
Per Chris Bui | 22/07/09 - 16:03:20 GMT +0200

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