Opificio Ceramico Alfredo Gioventù, Sestri Levante (Italy)

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Alfredo Gioventù starts to work with stone pottery in the Seventies, used at first as support for majolica elements and then to mount on it fragments of objects, both ancient and modern, as testimonies of some-thing which does not exist anymore, and therefore capable of evoking melancholy atmospheres.The keepsake object, the Goccia nel mare , of 1982, signs a new stage in his artistic reflection,now tending to the further elaboration of the relationship between memory and natural data.

The experimentation of the use of stone pottery leads Alfredo Gioventù, as from the Nineties and to this day, to employ this material to perfectly imitate the grey stones with white streaks of the Ligurian shores.By associating grey ceramic with woods and terracotta smoothed by the sea,the sculptor has created a line of objects with great emotional drive capable, in their formal essentiality and their direct reference to the experiences of the local reality, to fully represent the relationship with nature as the place of memory. And indeed this strong link with the Ligurian tradition is expressed by one of the most important researches on the expressive possibilities carried out at the Ceramic Factory Alfredo Gioventù of Sestri Levante: the research on the technique of the risseu, the flooring realised with sea stones artistically placed side by side to create a motif. It is important for the purposes of restorations to hand down the secrets of the creation of these particular kind of mosaic, typical of Liguria, and in fact those who are trained in the Factory are expert in this art, but for Alfredo Gioventù this is also a technique to be reinvented in new works, such as the risseu he has realised in front of an inn of Sestri Levante.

Opificio Ceramico Alfredo Gioventù s.n.c.
di Alfredo Gioventù e Daniela Mangini
piazzetta Rizzi 16 – 16039 Sestri Levante (GE), Italy
ph/fax + 39.0185.457596
alfredo.gioventu (at) tiscali (dot) it
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Latitud: 44° 16' 11" N, Longitud: 9° 23' 40" E veure »

Lloc: Sestri Levante, Italy

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