On Top of the Windmill, Frigento (Italy)

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Presa el 04/06/08
Windpark "Sturno Frigento" in the province of Avellino, Italy. Standing on top of a Fuhrländer FL1000 turbine.
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Latitud: 40° 59' 39" N, Longitud: 15° 7' 55" E veure »

Lloc: Frigento, Italy

Comentaris sobre aquesta panoràmica:

As you uploaded there? Incredible panoramic! Fantastic! But that has danger ... :-D
Per Iban | 09/06/08 - 11:07:48 GMT +0200
That was about 75 meters over ground - secured with the rope. Just look through the camera and not downwards... :-)
Per Thomas | 09/06/08 - 11:30:17 GMT +0200
WOW! What a beautiful panorama!!
Without risk there is no reward and you have certainly proved that.
Beautiful work!
Per Andrew Griffiths | 17/09/08 - 00:35:06 GMT +0200
Okay, There's barely enough room for the tripod, nothing to hold on to, spinning propellers and the possibility of a wind gust. Amazing piece of work.
Per Randy Kosek | 25/01/09 - 21:05:58 GMT +0100
No tripod - only monopod. And the propeller moved only in small amounts,
because the windmill was in maintenance. However, 30 minutes before
we had a thunderstorm...
Per Thomas Krueger | 25/01/09 - 22:06:44 GMT +0100
WOW! I could never take a picture like that! Too much vertigo! :D
Congratulations for the picture (and the courage)!
Per Cristiano | 27/05/10 - 00:36:26 GMT +0200

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