Mascletà 2008, Valencia, Spain.

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Fallas is the biggest festival in Valencia, they begin the 15th of March until 19th of March. Every day since the first of march until the 19th you have got fireworks and crackers display, it´s amazing if you want big impressions. For those they might want to come to Valencia , it´s the best time for doing it if you want to see how it´s the valencian people. You will see plenty of monuments, fireworks, etc.

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Latitud: 39° 28' 11" N, Longitud: -0° 22' 35" E veure »

Lloc: Valencia, Spain

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Countess Karlova's mansion at Fontanka River Embankment

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Monumental fencing with entrance gates was built in 1830 by architect Vikentiy Ivanovich Beretti (...

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Cichén Itzá: Pirámide de Kukulcán

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Sin trípode. Handheld: no tripods allowed on historical sites in Mexico

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Climbing the tree

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If you don't remember how it is to climb the tree than here is reminder

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Car my friend for my friend.

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Nikaiya, Akadomari, Sado, Japan

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Entrance of an old inn (二階屋旅館).

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Côte Bretonne (2)

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Celerina, Engadin

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Celerina, Muotas Muragl, San Gian

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Makadi Bay - Egypt

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Open Air and Coral Reef.

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Mont Colombis

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Au sommet du mont colombis un superbe point de vue sur le lac de serre ponçon.


Cathédrale Notre Dame de Reims - Vitraux Marc CHAGALL

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Vitraux Marc Chagall dans le déambulatoire

Per Edouard RIPOLL

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