The main chapel & the renaissance frescoes, Valencia, Spain.

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The construction of the Valencia Cathedral in a Gothic style began in 1262. On 21 May 1462, a “burning” pigeon, representing the Holy Spirit, was coming down from the dome, and sparks shot out from it lighting fire the cloth around the wooden and silver altarpiece, burning the whole decoration of the apse and the paintings in fresco of the vault. Several attempts of restoration failed.

The Valencian Bishop Rodrigo Borgia (later Pope Alexander VI) came to Valencia with the painters Francisco Pagano, from Naples, and Pablo de San Leocadio, from Reggio in Lombardia, in order to have the Cathedral as radiant as the new art movement coming up in Italy, the Renaissance. Upon arrival, they signed the contract with the Cardinal and the Chapter on 26 July 1472.

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Lloc: Valencia, Spain

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