Southern island - Hiddin beach

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Presa el 22/03/08
There are no one.
There are found by nobody.
Only the booming of the sea is heard.
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Latitud: 24° 56' 1" N, Longitud: 125° 13' 55" E veure »

Lloc: Japan

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Pine forest on the dunes, Klapkalnciems, Latvia

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Forest along the coast in this area is speckled by trenches of the World War II, now covered by thick moss carpet.

Per Vil Muhametshin

Tobol'skie Gates, Russia, Omsk

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Old Omsk fortress, оld road to Tobolsk

Per Sergey Kulishkin

Chillida Leku

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Interior del Museo Chillida Leku

Per Dani LC

TM Point, Tanjung Aru Plaza, Kota Kinabalu


Very difficult to stitch because it uses 35mm focal length. Requires lots of pictures to stitch. This is the first and last time that I use this...

Per Othman Ahmad

Tanjung Aru Third beach(afternoon)


My first successful 360 degree panorama, using Autostich, and a chinese digital camera, Mustek DV4000.

Per Othman Ahmad

Stella Maris Primary School, Kota Kinabalu (2)


This picture is no longer true. It is history.

Per Othman Ahmad

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