Christmas at the Farm Laboures's Cottage. Skansen Open-Air Museum in Stockholm.

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Presa el 11/12/10
The Farm Labourer’s Cottage (Statarlängan) contains dwellings for two families and shows how they lived about 1920. The building, known as Snickartorp comes from the Berga farm in Södermanland and probably dates from the beginning of the 19th century.

There is a room for each family on either side of the common hall in which each of the families had a larder. The house was also provided with woodsheds and a privy, a cellar store and a garden with a potato patch. Both dwellings are pretty similar with iron ranges and bread ovens.

The last labourer in this cottage called Snickartorp was Erik Wilhelm Carlsson. He moved into the left dwelling with his wife, Kristina Charlotta, in 1874 and the family remained there for fifty years. Their grandchild Greta gave a detailed description of their home and this formed the basis of the furnishings when the building was moved to Skansen in 1968.
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Lloc: Sweden

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It almost makes you feel in the middle of XIXst century! I love it :)
Per Enrique Alvarez | 07/01/11 - 08:10:51 GMT +0100

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