The Neva River embankment near Mining Institute (1806-1811)

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Presa el 18/03/11
The Saint Petersburg State Mining Institute ( ) is housed in an Empire style building on the 21st line and the Neva River embankment on the south shore of Vasilievsky Island. It was built in 1806-1811 to a design by the serf-architect Andrey Voronikhin ( ), who also designed the Kazan Cathedral on Nevsky Prospekt and buildings on Paul I's estate at Pavlovsk south of the city. The statues flanking the entrance were sculpted by Stepan Pimenov; the reliefs were done by Vasily Demuth-Malinovsky ( ).

Admiralty Wharves ( ) are visible on the left of the Neva River.

Old postcard issued in 1902 displays other view of the place - .

To know how this place will look some years later - read wikipedia article - .
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Andrew Varlamov
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Latitud: 59° 55' 44" N, Longitud: 30° 16' 12" E veure »

Lloc: St Petersburg, Russian Federation

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Andrew, we have 36º C here today, suffering from a african air heathwave...thank you for such a refreshing image!!!!! :D
Per Enrique Alvarez | 08/04/11 - 08:34:13 GMT +0200
Enrique ! We have only +5 degreesof Celsius and cold wind from Scandinavia. Snow is possible tomorrow.
Per Andrew | 08/04/11 - 10:32:40 GMT +0200

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