The Big Market and Town Hall in Zamosc, Poland

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Presa el 02/05/11
The Big Market is the heart of the town, its mainmeeting placeand one of the most magnificent 16th century squares in Europe. Its shape is that of a square, whose side is 100 m long. Two main axes of the town cross in the Rynek: the representative axis (Grodzka Street), which joins Zamoyski palace to Bastion No. 7 and the trade axis (Ratuszowa and Moranda Streets) which joins the three markets, i.e. the Wodny, the Solny markets and the Rynek.

The Big Market square is surrounded with tenement houses with arcades. In the past, the houses were owned by patricians: rich merchants, professors of the academy and courtiers. Originally, all the tenement houses in the Rynek and many other important buildings were topped with parapets – decorative walls protecting their roofs. At present parapets can only be found on the Town Hall and the adjacent Armenian houses. In the arcades there are richly ornamented portals and stuccoes on the vaults.

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Lloc: Zamo??, Poland

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