Minaret View at Uchisar, Cappadocia

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Presa el 29/08/11
View at Uchisar from the hight of a minaret.
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Latitud: 38° 37' 46" N, Longitud: 34° 48' 20" E veure »

Lloc: Turkey

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Hi Heiner!
Great panorama! I could imagine how it should sound "Allahu Akbar" at that place... :)
Per Vil Muhametshin | 13/10/11 - 10:39:09 GMT +0200
Hi Vil,
I actually don't want to be up here when the imam is calling - to many loudspeakers. The Imam has his microphone downstairs at the entrance to the minaret. My origin idea was to take the pictures with the Imam on the balcony, pretending to call for the prayers in the traditional way. He didn't look very happy, when he heard this idea and I didn't want to insist in it. I was happy enough to have the permission (with great help of my friends in Uchisar) to go up. And standing on the balcony I understood the Imam very well. The balcony looks as if it is not meant to walk on it.
Per Heiner Straesser | 13/10/11 - 11:14:28 GMT +0200
Uoppps!!! I can undertatd the Imam not wanting to go up there! Wonderful Heiner!!!
Per Henry Alvarez | 13/10/11 - 11:35:32 GMT +0200
Great one Heiner !!!!. :). It´s a shame not to put the audio. Next time remember to bring with your plugs for this situations ;).
Per Bernard Custard | 13/10/11 - 11:37:29 GMT +0200
You are completely right Bernard. I really have to think about recording sounds. Especially Istanbuls offers a lot. Not only Imams - some of them have wonderful voices, some don't - but also the horns of the ships and ferries at the Bosporus, traffic, markets and bazars... very different from our cities.
Per Heiner Straesser | 13/10/11 - 12:39:08 GMT +0200

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