Agios Basileios, Tavlasun, Turkey

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Presa el 10/08/11
Agios Basileios is a Greek church from the 19th century in central Turkey. The big mess on the ground is from two men who came one day and told the people that they start to restore the church. But in reality they were searching for gold. There are still people who believe, that the Greek population who had to leave Turkey in 1923, was hiding lots of gold under the floors of their churches. - If you have any information about the church or the village etc., please contact the photographer - thank you!
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Latitud: 38° 42' 53" N, Longitud: 35° 34' 29" E veure »

Lloc: Turkey

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awesome :)
Per Sam Rohn | 03/11/11 - 13:54:11 GMT +0100

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