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Call a Bike

Call a Bike is a service offered by Deutsche Bahn from March to October which provides a fleet of high-tech bikes throughout the inner city of Frankfurt, Berlin, Cologne, Munich or Stuttgart. CallBikes can be rented and returned at all major intersections. First call the hotline at 0700-052 25522 (6 cents per minute) to register and have your credit card handy. When you see a bike you want to rent, call the number printed in the red circle on the cover of the lock.

You will be issued a code to free the bike's electronic lock. To return your bike, take it to the nearest major crossing within the city center and lock it to a fixed object (such as traffic sign or bicycle stand).

Open the protective cover and press the button for "return." You must then make a return call to the same number and you will receive a code to end your journey. The standard rate is 8 cents per minute with a maximum of 15 euros per day (24 hours). For more information, consult
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Lloc: Berlin, Germany

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