Reichstag Glass Dome Interior, Berlin, Germany

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Presa el 12/04/08
Reichstag Glass Dome Interior, Berlin, Germany
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Latitud: 52° 31' 7" N, Longitud: 13° 22' 33" E veure »

Lloc: Berlin, Germany

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Hi bui, good pano but i think you could improve it doing a few thing  like reduce the chromatic aberration and trying to shoot twice one with one exposition for the inside and another one for the outside then merge everything and you could enfused them.

It´s only what I should do, please don´t miss understand my opinion
Per Bernard | 02/06/08 - 23:31:44 GMT +0200
Thanks for your suggestion and I will try to bracket my shots so that I can get 3 shots from the same location with different exposures.  All of my photos are done without the use of a tripod nor panoramic head so they are not 100% stitchable without some post processing.
Per Bui Chris | 03/06/08 - 00:15:54 GMT +0200
That´s perfect technique , if you do it as a RAW file you can correct the chromatic aberration in the raw adjusments or if you don´t use a raw file in photoshop you could do it at filters>distorsion>lensdistorsion>chromatic aberration. It´s not an easy job to do it like you did it.
Per Bernard | 03/06/08 - 00:20:40 GMT +0200

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