Los Sitios de Astorga de 1812: La batalla de Valdeviejas

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Recreation celebrated to conmemorate 200 years of the siege od Astorga, when Napoleon Bonaparte conquered the city and was expelled one day later by spanish troops.
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Latitud: 42° 27' 42" N, Longitud: 6° 4' 39" W veure »

Lloc: Astorga, Spain

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Los Baños Árabes de Ronda (the Arab Baths of Ronda)

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The Arab Baths, known in Spanish as the Baños Árabes are one of Ronda’s most important attractions. Ronda’s Arab Baths are similar to the design...

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Tholos de El Romeral


Tholos de El Romeral situated 2.5 kilometres north east of the town of Antequera (Andalusia) is one of the most important examples of Neolithic...

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