Teahouse KAMA in Riga

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Teahouse KAMA Tea hub has vide selection of herbal teas from all over the world, good music and home made snacks.
Occasionally they have movie nights and small acoustic bands playing. There is also free Wi-Fi, incense, and cushions! Check out their own network radio station here and follow their facebook page.
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Latitud: 56° 57' 9" N, Longitud: 24° 6' 18" E veure »

Lloc: Latvia

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Coves dels Hams (interior), Mallorca

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The Coves dels Hams (Spanish: Cuevas dels Hams, English: "Fishhook Caves") are a Solutional cave system on the east coast of the Spanish Balearic...

Per Carlos Anillo

Coves dels Hams (interior), Mallorca (recreacion panoramica 180º)

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Recreación panorámica 180º de una de las hermosas cavidades de esta muy interesante cueva dels Hams

Per Carlos Anillo

Paseo de El Arenal, Palma de Mallorca (día)

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El Arenal (oficialmente y en catalán s'Arenal) es una localidad de la isla balear de Mallorca, España, situada a caballo entre los municipio de...

Per Carlos Anillo

Tarakli, Western Turkey

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Tarakli is a small city in western Turkey surrounded by gardens and forests. In ancient times it belonged to the first Ottoman empire and was known...

Per Heiner Straesser

Tijuana Paradise


Playas de Tijuana, Enero 2011.

Per David Francisco Ballesteros Ahuesta

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