Coffeyville, Kansas: The Town Where the Dalton Gang Took a Dirt Nap

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It was in Coffeyville Kansas where two of the Dalton brothers (and two of their accomplices) were shot dead on October 5, 1892.   On that day, the Dalton Gang's plan was to rob a couple of banks but instead the locals gunned them down in 12 minutes.  The town has since erected a self-guided reenactment walking tour that culminates with the exact spot in which the showdown occured in Death Alley. The bodies of the Dalton Gang are immortalized in a true-to-size mural on the sidewalk outside the first bank they robbed that day. In what can be described as only "black humor"  you can lie atop any of the gangsters and pretend to be dead. It's sick, weird and terribly funny all at the same time.
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