Abandoned Gas Station on Route 66

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Come to find out from a visitor to my blog that this building was once the D.L Morris Garage & Station that was built on the site of the old Heatonville Post Office (1872-1881).  

Here's what they said: "Platted in 1868 by Daniel Heaton, this small town was first simply called Heaton. Later the "ville" was added to the name. A year later, the town had about ten homes, a store and a blacksmith shop. It was the post office center of the area until 1881, at which time it sported about 50 people. However, that same year, the post office was discontinued as there was no one to act as postmaster. It would be another seven years before it would reopen. When Route 66 was established several businesses were opened to accommodate the travelers. All are gone today, but for the old 1936 D.L. Morris Garage building on the south side of the road."
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