Old Rigas streets (Vecpilsetas street)

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Canon DIGITAL IXUS 90 IS (102 shots)
Panoramic head "Sfera-69"

Latitud: 56° 56' 47" N, Longitud: 24° 6' 40" E veure »

Lloc: Latvia

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Metro station ”Mezhdunarodnaya” (2012)

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Author of mosaics is Alexander Bystrov ( www.rah.ru/the_academy_today/the_members_of_the_academie/member.php?ID=17535 ).

Per Andrew VarlamovArgent

House of Ogai Mori and Soseki Natsume ,Museum Meiji-mura,Japan

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This was one of the typical middle-class town houses in the Hongo district of Tokyo of the Meiji period. It was originally built for Dr. Nakajima,...

Per Konohazuku

Myauk Guni Temple, Bagan, Myanmar

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North Guni Temple is located in Old Bagan. It was built by Queen Pwasaw during the reign of King Narathihapate. Queen Pwasaw was a powerful Queen...

Per Wilfried Glocar

Parque del Retiro

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Per Antonio Arias

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