Ananda Temple, Bagan, Myanmar

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The graceful Ananda Temple (A.D.1091) is like a museum. You can study all kind of Myanmar arts here - architecture, stone sculpture, stucco, glazed plaques, terra cotta, wood carving etc. Circumambulatory vaulted corridors inside Ananda Temple are leading to four imposing statues of standing Buddhas facing four cardinal directions. The wood works were executed by skillfull carvers. Kakusanda Buddha facing north was carved out of a Saga wood. It is said that the four statues of standing Buddha represent the four Buddhas who had appeared and reached Nirvana. A unique characteristic of Kakusanda Buddha is the facial expression, which change with the eye level of the beholder. Close-up view gives you stern expression but from a little distance you see a smile on him.
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Latitud: 21° 10' 15" N, Longitud: 94° 52' 4" E veure »

Lloc: Myanmar

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Vielen Dank für Deine Einblicke in dieses lange Zeit verschlossene Land. - Nach Äthiopien und Burma -  was wird weiter geplant?
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