Union Station

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Presa el 13/02/08
Monarch Window at Union Station, Tacoma, Washington. Glasswork by Dale Chihuly.
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Latitud: 47° 14' 45" N, Longitud: 122° 26' 10" W veure »

Lloc: United States

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Incredible colours Randy, welcome to viewAt.org !!!!!!!.Great one
Per Bernard Custard Gascó dD-Multimedia.com | 17/01/09 - 11:16:22 GMT +0100
Nice one, Randy. The pano loads very slow, how big are the cubefaces?
Per Thomas | 17/01/09 - 17:11:36 GMT +0100
Thank you.

Thanks. The cubefaces are 1908 pixels. What size do you recommend ?
Per Randy Kosek | 18/01/09 - 02:22:40 GMT +0100
Randy, dont worry by the size.
We limit the cubefaces to 2000 px by server space restrictions.
But great panos (like yours) need good resolution, no??? :)))))
Per Juan Carlos Izquierdo | 18/01/09 - 10:33:23 GMT +0100
The cube face is ok, other possibilities for the slow loading could be 1.) my internet connection or 2.) the server response.
@Juan: Any hints?
Per Thomas | 18/01/09 - 10:50:35 GMT +0100
Uhmm, could be the option number 1. As Juan said you would need good resolution but by making it at 1404 or 1440 per face it´s quality enough. So as I can see it´s working quite fast and also could be the server that it´s not working 100% smooth. These days we had a few problems with the server :(.

By the way, I like the way to treat the hdr it´s very smooth and also well treat. :). Good morning to everyone
Per Bernard | 18/01/09 - 11:34:13 GMT +0100
Thank you for bringing us so many panoramic pearls!
Per Wilfried Glocar | 26/12/12 - 09:03:56 GMT +0100

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