Fort ”Alexander I” near Kronstadt

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Roof of the fort. Two workers mount temporary rain protection constructions before "Fort Dance" festival.
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Andrew Varlamov
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Latitud: 59° 59' 21" N, Longitud: 29° 43' 1" E veure »

Lloc: город Кронштадт, Russian Federation

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Fish Market, Awassa, Ethiopia.

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Lake Awassa lies to the west of Awassa town, approx. 275 km south of Addis Abeba, the capital of Ethiopia. The lake supplies Awassa with all its...

Per Bernard CustardOr

Iwashina School, Shizuoka, Japan #2

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Classroom of Iwashina School. Former Iwashina School (岩科学校) was the first elementary school in Izu area, established at 1880.  It had been...

Per Junichi Ogino

Tourism and recreation centre “Ezernieki”, Latvia

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This is one of the several new built guest houses of the Latvia's State Forest company. It is located at the shore of Lake Salas and offers boat...

Per Vil Muhametshin

Skriveri Dendrological Park, Latvia

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Less than 80 kilometers from Riga, close to Riga–Daugavpils highway lies the Skrīveri park of foreign trees, on the other side of the highway, next...

Per Vil Muhametshin

Datcha - Ополье (Opol'e, Leningradskaya Oblast), Russia.

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February 2007. Shot for the exhibition "15ème biennale internationale de l'image", Nancy (France). Smooth HDR.

Per Gild Gábor

TSD Du Pic de Piau, Pau Engaly, France 65

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Sommet de la Station de Piau-Engaly 2600m.

Per Philippe Marquis

Iwashina School, Shizuoka, Japan #3


Foyer of 2nd floor.

Per Junichi Ogino

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