Jerusalem :: Old City :: Muslim Quarter :: Damascus Gate Road

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Panoramic Virtual Tour of The Old City of Jerusalem, November 2005

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Fasilida´s Pool, Gondar, Ethiopia.

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A short hop from the castles, is Fasilidas’ pool.  It is a huge empty swimming pool, the walls swallowed by tentacle-like tree roots and lichen....

Per Bernard CustardOr

My photogenic city ”Logroño”

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Pienso que aunque me repita, la panoramica lo merece. Se la dedico a mi sobrino Sergio que pasaba por allí cuando yo tomaba las fotos. I think...

Per Carlos Anillo

Hotel du tribunal Mortagne au perche

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lumières incandescentes + mercure + sodium !!!  J'ai laissé la balance des blancs en automatique.

Per K-look Pascal LE SAINT

Sea pilots tower, Liepaja

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Built in 1821, sea pilot tower today still remains one of the city symbols. It was built using klinker or so-called Dutch smallbricks, which were...

Per Vil Muhametshin

Puppeteer and ball dancer duet at the Fishermen feast in Liepaja

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Street theatre duet from the Netherlands "Compagnie with balls" performing at the Fishermen feast in Liepaja. Visit their website for more -...

Per Vil Muhametshin

Ready to go

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Fire engines at the Liepaja fire station - one of the oldest fire stations in Latvia. It is built in the middle of the 19th century.

Per Vil Muhametshin

Promenade at the Trade Canal, Liepaja

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One of the liveliest hangout areas in Liepāja concentrates around the Promenade. Once a closed territory, today it became a popular leisure spot...

Per Vil Muhametshin

Hut at dolev, Israel

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Per Tamir Orbaum

Embalse de Villalcampo

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Mi primera panorámica.

Per Lorenzo Ferrero

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