Ku Santarattana : กู่สันตรัตน์

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Maha Sarakham Province of Thailand is around 475 kilometers from Bangkok and it is located in the northeastern part of the country. Maha Sarakham is considered to be the first of the heartland provinces leading to the Mekong River. The province is famous around Thailand for its educational centers and thus, earning it the name Taksila of Isan. Taksila was a learning center of all branches in ancient India.
The province is mainly agrarian but it has a rich array of historical and cultural attractions. In addition, its handicrafts are much sought after. A visit to the province is worth the time and effort as one can admire many ruins which will give you further insights into Thailand's rich and varied history and culture.

        Ku Santarat is also called Santaratana. It is a small Khmer site and is located not too far from the Phra That Na Dun. Different experts disagree on what Ku Santarat was used for. Some say that it was a place of worship, while others feel that it was used as a hospital.

Many archaeological artifacts have been found from the site and based on these findings, it is assumed that Ku Santarat was built during the reign of King Jayayoraman VII between 1181 and 1219 A.D.

Ku Santarat is built from sandstone and it is square in shape which resembles the architecture of Ku Ban Khwao. However, the lintel above the front gable is very impressive and beautiful. The architecture of Ku Santarat is Bayon style.
After visiting Ku Santarat, you can visit the pond behind the temple where you can feed the fish.

เป็นปราสาทหินที่สร้างขึ้นในสมัยพระเจ้าชัยวรมันที่ 7 เป็นศิลปะขอมสมัย
บายนอายุระหว่าง พ.ศ.1700-1750 ตัวปราสาทสร้างด้วยศิลาแลงเป็นแท่ง
สี่เหลี่ยมเหมือนกู่มหาธาตุ และมีทับหลังประตู มุขหน้าจำหลักลายงดงาม
น่าดู กู่สันตรัตน์ตั้งอยู่ที่ ต.พระธาตุ อำเภอนาดูน จ.มหาสารคาม
จากเส้นทาง 2040 เข้าเส้นทาง 2045 เข้าอำเภอนาดูนประมาณ 1 กม.
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