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Created by Helena Mazzariello, a Montclair sculptor and psychic, as "a gift to the world…" the Mazzariello Labyrinth, commonly known as "Mazzariello's Maze," was originally laid out in the form of a classical labyrinth.
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Philae Temple, Asuan, Egypt

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This temple was moved from the it's original place, which was covered by after the Big Asuan Dam was built.

Per Andrey Ilyin

Restoration area near Filae Temple, Asuan, Egypt

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For a few pounds keeper can permit you even in the "No entry" area. I kindly declined this offer because this 'special' area looked exactly as the...

Per Andrey Ilyin

The Crocodiel (sic!) Island, Asuan, Egypt

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I didn't want to leave from here - clean desert air, bright (but not burning) Februalry sun and fresh water gives to this place some strange...

Per Andrey Ilyin

Barcelona nevada

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Barcelona el día después de la gran nevada del 8 de Marzo del 2010. Fotografía tomada en los depósitos del Carmel.

Per Néstor Malet

Paris quartier Charonne

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Essai avec un compact LUMIX optique LEICA 14-28mm format 16/9è. Prises de vues à la volée sans pied. 25 vues. Le stitching de plus en plus...

Per CAZENAVE Stéphane

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