Square in Luxor, Egypt

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A row of ancient cabs stands awaiting the passengers on the square in the center of Luxor while traditional gharry wanders around seeking for tourists to ride around city.
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Latitud: 25° 41' 57" N, Longitud: 32° 38' 27" E veure »

Lloc: Egypt

Comentaris sobre aquesta panoràmica:

Thank you for showing us an Egypt far from the tourists' paths! So interesting. And the razor-sharp definition of your panos is awesome! Wish I could some day reach such a degree of perfection.
Per Enrique Alvarez | 22/03/10 - 01:05:11 GMT +0100
Thank you,  Enrique!

Right shooting technique and thorough processing - the key components of good panorama :) Judging by your panos you are on the right path!
Per Andrey Ilyin | 22/03/10 - 06:07:34 GMT +0100

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