Night life in Asuan, Egypt

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After sunset the life on the streets of Asuan is getting busy. People are sitting at the small tables drinking sweet tea, smoking shisha or playing backgammon. The general atmosphere is very relaxed and peacful.
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Lloc: Egypt

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Cascada en el río Chuao, Parque Nacional Henry Pittier (Venezuela)

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El Sendero Turmero-Chuao es un camino muy visitado por excursionistas de Venezuela, atraviesa gran parque del bosque del Parque Nacional Henry...

Per Jesús González

St Paul's Church, Fulford Harbour, Salt Spring.

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St Paul's Catholic Church, Fulford Harbour, Salt spring Island, overlooking the mud flats and keeping watch over the road between the ferry...

Per Bruno Gonzalez

Emery-Sicard covered bridge, St-Maurice, QC, Canada

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Covered bridge crossing the Harricana River at St-Maurice de Dalquier. Built in 1946, the bridge is now closed to car traffic.

Per Laurent Marcoux

Kinojévis River, Preissac QC, Canada

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Winter afternoon on the boardwalk along the beautiful Kinojevis River

Per Laurent Marcoux

Veranda Grill - Queen Mary

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This was a place for relaxing, dining and dancing in the heyday of the great steamships

Per Steven DosRemedios

Piso urbano


Interior de un comedor de un piso Barcelonés.

Per Néstor Malet

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