In the name of Christ Revival Temple complex

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View from the belltower. I had to shoot quickly enough because the person who let me in had a lunch break and had not too much time. And the temperature outside was about minus 30 Celsius so I could not spend too much time either choosing a shooting point. I've made 4 spheres and later on when all the four are ready, will see if there is a better one. The good thing - now I know the person who can let me in next time.
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Lloc: Russian Federation

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Императрице Екатерине II в царствование Императора Александра II. 1873 год

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Императрице Екатерине II в царствование Императора Александра II. 1873 год

Per Yurij FilatovOr

Храм Воскресе́ния Христо́ва на Крови

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Храм Воскресе́ния Христо́ва на Крови́ построен на месте, где был смертельно ранен император Александр II. Храм построен по указу Александра III по...

Per Yurij FilatovOr

Казанский Кафедральный собор.

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Казанский собор строился по проекту молодого талантливого архитектора А. Н. Воронихина (бывшего крепостного графа Строганова). Закладка собора была...

Per Yurij FilatovOr

The 25th Annual New Year's Eve Street Run - Trzebnica 2009

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About thousand runners participated in the event.

Per Witold Gidel

Stockholm - ice-skating

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Ice-skating Rink in Kungsträdgården Stockholm is a classic institution , it is running since october regardless temeparture, but extra nice with...

Per Jann Lipka

Portalada de la Casona Torre de los Ceballos, Alceda (Cantabria) :::

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Casa solariega y Torre del siglo XVII en el pueblo cántabro de Alceda (Corvera de Toranzo). El acceso a las mismas se realiza a través de la...

Per Rodri González

Nemuno salos tiltas

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Per Sergej Orlov

Nains noctambules, la Flocelière France

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Villages des Gats Sicots vendée france tentaive de pano nocturne

Per Philippe Marquis

Dolev synagogue

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Per Tamir Orbaum

Grotte St Valéry-en-caux

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Per Damien

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