In the name of Christ Revival Temple complex

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View from the belltower. I had to shoot quickly enough because the person who let me in had a lunch break and had not too much time. And the temperature outside was about minus 30 Celsius so I could not spend too much time either choosing a shooting point. I've made 4 spheres and later on when all the four are ready, will see if there is a better one. The good thing - now I know the person who can let me in next time.
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Lloc: Russian Federation

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Sé Catedral de Viseu (interior), Portugal

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Sé Catedral de Viseu é a sede episcopal da cidade de Viseu, em Portugal.  A igreja começou a ser construído no século XII e é o mais importante...

Per Carlos Anillo

Sé Catedral de Viseu (claustro), Portugal

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Para o lado sul da catedral há um claustro de dois andares construído originalmente na Idade Média, mas muito modificado em XVI a XVII séculos.  O...

Per Carlos Anillo


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Per Henry Alvarez

ŻOry Rynek

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Żorski Rynek

Per Radosław Sobik


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Per Thomas Chevet

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